What is the Chapel seating capacity?

The Chapel seats 80 to 100 comfortably. 30 additional folding chairs are available for use, but set-up space is limited.

Where does the Bride dress?

Separate dressings rooms are available for the Bride and Bridesmaids and the Groom and Groomsmen.

Does the Chapel supply the Minister?

No, an ordained minister is required to officiate the wedding ceremony, but not supplied by the Chapel. Recommendations for ministers are available upon request.

Does the Chapel have a sound system?

No, the acoustics in the Chapel are excellent. If you prefer, you may bring a sound system with microphone and speakers. If you bring recorded music, you must bring speakers for the media used.

Can I bring musical instruments?

Yes, any musical instrument will sound beautiful in the Chapel. The Chapel organ is available for use to qualified organists. Recommendations for organists are available upon request.

Can I have my wedding ceremony outside on the Chapel grounds?

No, only wedding ceremonies inside the Chapel are permitted.

Does the Chapel have space for the reception?

No, receptions or serving of food/beverages are not permitted inside the Chapel nor outside on the Chapel grounds.

Where is parking for the Chapel?

Two-way parking is permitted on the road in front of the Chapel and one-way parking is permitted on the road to the side of the Chapel.