Terms & Conditions

Seating capacity in the Chapel is approximately 80 to 100, most comfortable to shoulder-to-shoulder.

The wedding party, photographer, florist and guests must respect the reserved times for access to the Chapel. The 2-hour or 4-hour reservation is for Chapel use – time for entrance to the Chapel grounds, set up, decorate, dress, photography, the ceremony, clean up and exit the Chapel grounds.

Weddings and special events are held inside the Chapel only, not outside on the Chapel grounds nor in the cemetery area.

Receptions, serving of food, or alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages will not be permitted in the Chapel or on the grounds.

Wedding decorations in the Chapel are the responsibility of the party using the Chapel at their appointed time. Florists are expected to move their decorations in and out of the Chapel, so they will not conflict with other scheduled events.

The wedding couple must have a valid Kentucky marriage license. The wedding officiant is the responsibility of the wedding couple and must be licensed by the state of Kentucky.

The music for the wedding is the responsibility of the wedding couple. The Chapel organ is a Johannsen and is available for use to qualified organists.

Dressing rooms are available for the wedding couple and their attendants.

Online booking with payment in full reserves the date and time. No holds. No online changes. No refunds for cancellations.

2-Hour Or 4-Hour Reservations
For Weddings

2-Hour Wedding $300
4-Hour Wedding $600
1-Hour Rehearsal $100

2-Hour Reservation – Beginning one hour before the ceremony time and concluding one hour after the ceremony time.

4-Hour Reservation – Beginning two hours before the ceremony time and concluding two hours after the ceremony time.

1-Hour Rehearsal – With a 2 or 4-hour wedding reservation, a 1-hour rehearsal is available for booking and is reserved separately, weekdays prior to the wedding.

Need Booking Help?

If you need help with booking, our staff is at your service to help you.

No Online changes to reservations. No refunds for cancellations.

To request a change to a reservation or to cancel a reservation, please call 502-241-9151